The Story of George & The Good Vibes

On February 2010 when I was living in downtown Tel Aviv, I was invited to play with my band in a scientists convention that took place in a power plant.
I was sitting down in the neighborhood coffee place named "methuselah" telling Gal who was the owner of the place about the gig. "they want to know the name of the band" I asked, do you have any ideas?

He replied: why don't you try something related to energy, electricity, waves, vibrations, he continued, you know it could be something like Tomer and the positive energies. After an hour of thinking we went along with good vibes, and instead of Tomer which is my first name, we took George, which is my 2nd name after my grandfather

who was born in Baghdad Iraq, and was a musician, playing all them Arab instruments, so was his father and his grandfather.
Thats how "George & The Good Vibes" was born.
At that time we where playing at clubs in Tel Aviv, mostly at "TheZone" sometime we were 10 musicians sometimes 16, the music was pumpin.

Most of our repertoire was original compositions that I wrote, and were the development and continuation of a project I was part of between 2000-2008, "Kalja" was the name of the band, and for most of the time we were 3 musicians - Ben Danzig played bass, I was playing Saxophones alto, tenor, soprano and clarinet,

W.T.Woodley was the pianist and composer of the compositions.
W.T.Woodley A.K.A "Woods",Woods was born in Trinidad in1934 to 2 musicians, his mother was a piano teacher and his father was a church organist.
Woods started playing when he was 3 years old and never stopped until he died in 2010. He dedicated his life to music, traveling the world, studying and playing music where ever he went - Europe, Asia, India, China, Morocco, The Middle East and many more places that even I don't know.
Woods was a great influence on me and was like a mentor. I learned so much on how to be a musician, a composer, how to relate to styles and mix them in an interesting way. I remember hours and hours of us siting together, he on the piano and me on the saxophone and just working on phrasing or rhythm, approaching a melody, or writing a melody. It was magical times. We felt like we are inventing a new style of music. We played together for 8 years and on may 2008, Woods went back home to Trinidad & Tobago, and I was developing my own style of music and playing.
In 2010 I took part in composing and producing The "FANGA" EP with the Trinidadian singer songwriter - Hillary Sargeant. A mixture of Caribbean, American and African styles, was another project that taught me a lot and led me to form my own band playing my music.
My music is a festival of sounds, a mixture of cultures, east and west, I was raised on classical music, playing the clarinet since i was 8 years old, developing through time to jazz music, adding up the saxophone. playing in big bands and small bands. later on I opened up to Latin music, African music, Middle Eastern and Arab music,
playing as a professional musician in the music industry in Israel. Afro-beat bands, Latin bands, Cover bands, TV productions ("Dancing with the stars") and many more led me to create my own unique sound and phrasing.
in December 2012 I published the first George & The Good Vibes album,
which was a big band album,
It has my compositions, Ben Danzig, Ilan Arad and W.T.Woodley. The Album got great reviews and won prizes in competitions around the globe. In The Last 8 years "George & The Good Vibes" Performing mainly in Israel, adding up more original compositions.
In July 2019 I published the 2nd George & The Good Vibes Album, which is a trio album and called compassion. a small version of my compositions with guitar, middle eastern percussion and me on saxophones and clarinet.
Now days I'm working on the 3rd album with the big band. The album is like one piece, all the compositions connected and tells a wide story.
With the new Album and show I'm looking forward to perform with the band around the globe.